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Thinking about art and thinking about MY art

Many years resulted that I realized why I create things. This unconsciousness has more reasons: one is that I was being unformed. The other is socity's false idea about the concept of art. Not many people questions thit concept so usually they can't interpret the artpiece. But art is always relevant.

It's not right when the beholder wants to grade the value of art. No matter if it's about money or moral value. That is similar to the system of schools where they try to grade the knowledge of kids. Art is simply not for grading because the concept of art is not about efficiency but about the thought behind it. The artist wants to express something so the beholder has to look at the context of the artpiece and the motivations of the artist if he/she wants to understand it. Hopefully the artist is aware of the motivation. But even if not, the art already exists; unconscious thoughts also can be expressed through creation.

Understanding my motivation in creating is strongly related to exploring myself. My years after final exams in highschool started the time that means study for me. I finally started to go after things that I was interested in and I started to pay attention to what I can do with my life. Getting out from the strict system of the school and controlled knowledge meant the possibility of real and personal ipmroval- this also lead me to wonder why I have the will to make things with my hands.

I wondered why my art doesnt have moral about sociaty. I always loved those kinds of movies, poems, graphics that sends message about inequality on Earth, social problems, sensitive shades of a relationships etc.
But after having the possibility what I want to do with my time I started to learn Persian language and Iran's culture and it widened my view of the world and embraced me to be more and more curious about everything. I started to review the definitions that teachers tought me in school and realized that I had wrong ideas about many of them. Or that the truth is more complex than I thought. Unfortunately they deleted the phylosophy classes for my class although now I feel that it would be so determinative part of my studies from that time. I really miss that knowledge and now I have to collect my education in this field. But at least nobody tells me how to construe that and this learning has no end with any exam.

Back to the topic: my art is rather about emotions and impressions than concrete moral. I could tell that it is about my feminin features and emotions. It's connected to the istinct part of my personality so its not about phylosophical conclusions although I got to this recognition through phylosophy. 
My art is about my emotions and my relation to my environment because it's very hard for me to express these with words. And I have a lot to express!

So my personal iproval -after leaving the controlled learning- caused that I faced with why I create, what it is about.

I had a nice conversation recently about what is good art and bad art. Who is the great artist. Honestly I got a bit confused and it made me thinking so much.
What makes the artist good? Its master? The technics? How fine is the final piece? 
I found that the question is not really showing the concept itself because it looks at the artpiece as an object to use while it is basically an outcome of a thought, an idea. It can be used after all, it can make people thinking, but the pure art just wants to expess something. The art's feature is about the artist's feature. It's not good or bad, it shows what whas the artist interested in during the process. 
The tools and the technics are additional parts, it gives the artpiece a style. 

The essence is the thought behind the creation, the concept and not how much it costs at the market. It's not needed to grade because it's unclassifiable. It can be pretty and it can be ugly. The cause of an artpiece is the reason: why it exists. Most of the people look at them with the judgement; how much it is useful or how much it costs in money. Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard is about this question. 
There is an other question coming up that how an artist can earn enough with his/her art to live. Who pays for the artist for making thinking?
I think the phenomena of grading art comes from the sociaty's will of making profit out of everything. By this people started to idealize or demonize art, that made different fashions. 
By my oppinion no need to idealize or demonize. Just to recognize and analize. And its also optinal!

Finally I write about my own art.
For me art is related to my studies, learning. I let the world effecting on me. This arouses usually very stong emotions in me that I start to analize and interpret and then sometimes it has an outcome.
The other aspect of creating is based on my feminity. I have an instict to shape my invironment, to make it harmonic and interactive with people. I don't like heavy conflicts so it might connects to this that I try to prevent anger with a peaceful atmosphere. So my art rather effects on unconscious and instinct, not necessarily on phylosophical thoughts. 
I am very attracted to nature, I am amazed by living creatures. For me these don't exist as dividual entity but in their contexts. For me things are connected to, and many times partly defined by their environment. Care, affection, supporting, upbringing are important features of my art. There is a repeting motive among my patterns that appears again and again: the nymph. First I didntt realize why it is so often comeing to my mind. Now I see that it is the manifestation of what my art is about. It is caring and protecting, healing her environment, the nature while being part of it. 

Girls with tree-body, being shelter to birds.

This is my illustration to the myth of Apollo and Daphne. I was touched by this story and it had a very strong meaning for me about the feminin wish of being independent from that idea that women are not more than objects of men's desire. It hit my heart how simply the story tells that Apollo supresses Daphne anyway and keeps idealizing her and uses her as his tool for his poetry. 

I drew it again.

These were my first heads I made with flower-hair. The plant that I used as hair is living and it has layered relation to the sculpture itself. First the head is carrying it. It has roots inside the head and by this the plant becomes as living thoughs growing out, and also as hair, that is completely part of the sculpture. 

I tried many kinds of flowers, I love the diversity of them. 

These are very fresh ideas of them, look! They are revolutionists! They have pretty naughty thoughts! Hurry up, cut the hair!

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